Reasons to start a Home Based Business

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9 Reasons to Start a Home-Based Business - Own Your Life

  1. Enjoy regular Vacations

  2. Spend more time with friends & family

  3. Staying home with your children

  4. Reduce your Debts

  5. Pay off your Home more quickly

  6. Get your Dream Car or Home

  7. Benefit from available Tax Savings

  8. Save cash for a Rainy Day

  9. Build Financial stability

Start a Home-Based Business and enjoy more holidays


The Lifestyle approach to Network Marketing Home Based Business9 Reasons to Start a Home-Based Business

Lifestyle marketing is a new way to and has allowed thousands of people to gain personal and financial freedom. This approach is innovative because it goes against the traditional model of advertising that relied on high-pressure sales and long-term investments. Lifestyle marketing is also different because it lets you help yourself and others at the same time.

Owning your life and enjoying personal and financial freedom are some of the benefits that I received from my business, and I decided to share my success with others. I decided to come up with nine reasons to start an at-home business, but truthfully, I had a hard time coming up with only nine reasons.

I decided to consult with some of our team’s most successful partners to get their thoughts on the matter, and they told me that one of the chief benefits is their lifestyle change when they work from home. Owning a home business is about personal freedom as much as it is about making money.

Quality of Life Benefits

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1. Enjoy personal freedom with a regular vacation

Most adults have their vacations given to them by an employer, and many receive no regular vacation. When you own a business, you decide when to take a vacation. Lifestyle benefits are one of the advantages when you work for yourself, and you can decide when to travel and how long to spend on a holiday.

2. Spend free time with your friends and family

Working for a living is a necessity for most adults, but it does not have to interfere with quality family time. Children only grow up once, and adults who work more than 40 hours per week rarely spend the time that they want with their friends and family. Imagine the amount of time that is spent commuting to work each week. Most adults drive at least one hour each day to get to and from their place of business. This is five hours each week that is freed up when you own your own business.

3. Staying home with your children

When you work from home, you have more time to spend with your children. Instead of driving to work, you can wake up and spend some time with the family. Most home-based business owners have more freedom with their schedules, and they are always available for their children.

Build Financial Freedom

4. Reduce your debt

Financial freedom is just one of the benefits that you receive when you work from home. Because business owners are in control of their earnings, income is adjusted to pay for extra expenses that are on hold. Stress is closely related to finances, and having stability is one benefit of business ownership. When you own your own business, you can pay off high-interest loans and have more money to spend.

5. Pay off your home

Most consumers have a home mortgage, and this is the largest portion of monthly expenses. A single extra payment on the principal each year removes months from a mortgage’s life. Imagine if you could make an extra payment each month. Your home would be paid off in less than half the time. This means that your future is yours, and you can work less when you are older.

6. Earn extra money for a dream car or vacation home

Owning your business provides you financial stability so that you can buy the things that you want. Your labor power and resources go to your check, and there is no need to pay a boss or capitalist with your hard work. This money is yours. You can purchase whatever you like, and home business owners often have the car and home of their dreams.

Increase Your Savings

7. Benefit from available tax savings

The federal government has a number of tax breaks for entrepreneurs, and you can save on your tax liability in several ways. First, most homes that are used for a home business are tax deductible. The amount varies and depends on the total space that is used when you work from home. In addition, a number of other items in the home are immediate tax breaks. Home computers, Internet service and cell phones are essential to a home business and are natural expenses that are tax-deductible.

8. Save cash for a rainy day fund

Working for another person makes it hard to save. Because business owners profit from their employees, a large amount of your true earning power is wasted. Imagine if you could receive the true value of your labor. This is achievable, but only if you own your own business. When you work from home, you have plenty of money to pay for car repairs, home maintenance or save for a college tuition fund.

9. Financial Stability

Most of today’s jobs have few lifestyle benefits, and comprehensive retirement programs are a thing of the past. When you own your own business, you can easily save more money. Instead of letting your boss tell you what to do with your money, you can open an IRA and fund your retirement account with direct deposits.

Why A Home Business?

Deciding to open your own home business is a great way to achieve financial freedom, improve quality-of-life and receive numerous lifestyle benefits. Most sole-proprietorships fail within the first few years because there is inadequate capital. Because you have to pay for your home, there is no need to accrue extra expenses. Paying your rent, utility bills and Internet service provider must be done anyway, and you can deduct some of these amounts from your taxes with a home business.

The Cost Benefits of Your Own Business Opening a home business is the cost-effective alternative for entrepreneurs. Imagine if you rent a commercial location.

You will have to pay the following expenses in addition to your regular living costs:

  • Deposits
  • Power and light bills
  • Rent
  • Insurance
  • Telephone and maintenance.

Most commercial tenants pay a security deposit that is equal to one month’s rent. In addition, power and utility companies require a security deposit before they render services. Just to start a business, you will need to save four different security deposits. This does not include the regular payments that are associated with the four accounts.

Lifestyle Benefits

Most home-based business owners take advantage of the business opportunity that improves earning power and personal freedom. If you are tired of working for another person’s profit, you know the benefits of business ownership. Some business owners have less financial freedom because they are always working. For this reason, it is essential to find a business opportunity that provides assistance for entrepreneurs.